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Harry Potter – Wizard Boy

There hasn't been a fictional character in the last 10 years that has made as much impact as Harry Potter. Often J.K. Rowling's Wizard Boy is without a doubt the most popular fictional character of the last decade and has made Rowling easily the most popular creator of the last 10 years. Harry Potter listen to free audiobooks online trivia will reveal that his very first look while on the reserve was "Harry Potter and also the Philosopher's Stone".

A Harry Potter quiz will reveal that this wizard was the main character in 7 novels while in the Rowling collection. These person publications were: "Harry Potter and also the Philosopher's Stone", "The Chamber of Secrets", "The Prisoner of Azkaban", "The Goblet of Fire", "The Purchase of the Phoenix", "The Half-Blood Prince", and the Hallows of the Toten." Each of the books went on to become a bestseller and later in the episode ended up among many of the best reserve releases of all time.

Harry Potter trivia reveals the releases were also directly adapted into a film series. An interesting tidbit was that one of Rowling's demands for marketing the film rights was that British actors make the British plays available. There has been a recent trend in Hollywood to spoof American actors in British literary roles, and Rowling did not want her characters to be affected. Daniel Radcliffe is known around the world for his portrayal of Harry Potter. Rupert Grint and Emma Watson have also become local names for taking part in Harry's good friends Ron and Hermione.

A Harry Potter quiz is on display that the franchise has offered on a full famous myth surrounding the series. Matters similar to the uniforms that the wizards don in the film have become the most popular Halloween costumes. Quidditch the fictional wizard recreation is popular in online video online games. Both the collection and the character have proven to be cultural institutions in their creation.

Harry's performance has no new parallel. J.K. Rowling has emerged as the most searchable author and is considered one of the richest women in the world depending on the good results of your collection. More than 400 million guidebooks are sold and the total value of the franchise is generally estimated at more than $15 billion, which at 1500 lbs is a far cry. She was initially compensated for her first e-book.

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